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Susan produced Bloomberg Radio’s Bloomberg EDU with Jane Williams from February 2011 to August 2014. Together, they developed informative podcasts on issues relating to K-12 education. One of Susan’s tasks was uploading audio to Jane’s Soundcloud page. The platform was easy to use and looked a lot better than an MP3 screen, black with white audio bar.  A highlight of Susan’s social media outreach on behalf of BloombergRadio was when @MCHammer retweeted one of her tweets to 3,194,845 followers in April 2013 regarding an interview with Davis Guggenheim and Laurene Powell Jobs on immigration reform.

BloombergEDU Podcast Highlights

July 11, 2014 – Monty Roessel on Bureau of Indian Education, W.K. Kellogg Fellows on Children in New Mexico Listen here Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) Director Charles “Monty” Roessel talks with Bloomberg Radio’s Jane Williams about plans to advance achievement and promote tribal control in BIE-funded schools.  On the Roundtable, W.K. Kellogg Foundation Program Officer Esther Nieves and Fellows Moises Padilla, an educator, and Theresa Pasqual, historic preservationist, discuss improving outcomes for vulnerable children in New Mexico through community-based leadership and education.