Blending analogue and digital, the #LetterProject looks at family bonds, expectations and self-esteem. 

A letter from 1957 -- handwritten by a 22-year-old woman to her unborn daughter -- reveals a secret. Participants are invited to record and share a message to their 22-year-old self, awakening and embodying their present-day values and intentions.

"I wonder, and will do so when you are my age and when your daughter is my age - I'll wonder 'what if...'" 

Excerpt from the letter "To my daughter...when she wonders," August 19, 1957

Imagine a world where women are free to speak and vote freely, a time when all girls have the right to be educated, and a place where social justice is fluid and inclusive.


Take Part!

What would you say to your 22-year-old self? Please take part in this interactive project by filling out the form below. The data Susan collects will eventually be visualized anonymously and shared on